Item Properties

Items have properties! These properties do stuff!

Item Flags

glow Item glows, illuminating dark rooms.
dark Must be dispelled before an item can be made to glow.
bless Minor resistance to item destruction abilities. Demons will parry/dodge less effectively vs. blessed weapons.
evil Item considered 'evil' for the purposes of some spells/abilities.
anti-good Characters with a 'good' alignment cannot equip.
anti-evil Characters with an 'evil' alignment cannot equip.
anti-neutral Characters with a 'neutral' alignment cannot equip.
cursed Cannot be removed unless uncursed.
no-uncurse Item cannot be uncursed.
no-remove Item cannot be removed once worn.
no-disarm Item cannot be disarmed or forcibly removed, but can be voluntarily removed.
durable Formerly burn-proof. Item cannot be destroyed by burning, cutpursing, etc. but can with the DESTROY command.
sharp Formerly masterwork. Appears on weapons only. Adds additional damage when striking.
rot-death Item disintegrates after death. Usually happens several ticks after death.
invisible Item is invisible and requires some form of detect invisibility to interact with.
hum Item appears as (Humming) in inventory. Cosmetic.
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