Kill Hit Murder

Syntax: kill <target>
Syntax: hit <target>
Syntax: murder <target>

These three verbs start melee combat with a target, but there are some subtleties. 1. Before lvl 11 you cannot use the 'murder' command. 2. kill and hit do not work on players, but murder does. All three work on mobiles. 3. The kill command (not sure if murder works there as well) is also used to redirect your melee attacks. i.e., if you are fighting a mage and a warrior, and you want to redirect your attacks towards the mage, you would type 'kill mage' in combat. (I think this works even when fighting players, will have to test it). The warrior, in return could 'rescue mage' to redirect your melee attacks back to him.

One of the disadvantages of being blind is not being able to redirect your melee attacks anymore. Players that command a charmie (scholars, raiders, rangers, people with statues) often exploit this by blinding their opponent and then ordering the charmie to rescue them.

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