Lerin's Forest Fashions
Lerin's Forest Fashions
Area: Eril Village
Type: Clothing, Equipment


A small but attractive store, Lerin's clothing shop has a prominent place
in Eril's marketplace. Various articles of clothing are displayed
throughout, showing off a variety of fabrics and styles. These are not the
common items of the average citizen, though; instead they are expensive
works of art from one of the few masters of the ethron race. A small wooden
counter sits at the back of the store, with much of the shop's interior left
in the well-worn, homey style of the village. The shop is cool through much
of the year, even during the summer, and the room is well ventilated to
prevent stuffiness. To the north is the rest of Eril's market.

[Exits: north]


A trim ethron man folds clothes as he watches the counter.

Lerin is an ethron merchant of some repute, and the current owner of the
Eril clothing shop. Originally born in Lithling Valley, he has traveled
extensively throughout Avendar. He is trim and handsome, with a pleasant
face and deep, brown eyes. His natural charisma gave him an advantage in
breaking into the clothing trade, and his sensibilities appealed to the
near-untapped ethron market. This success allowed him to negotiate with the
Var Bandor's Merchant Council, and secure the materials and patterns his
clients wanted. He set up shop in Eril to indulge his passion for clothing
and also be among his people.




23p 3g
21p 4s
20p 9g
23p 5g
20p 4g 1s
18p 3g 7s 5c
23p 1g 5c
22p 1g
22p 4g
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