Level (also called rank) is the numeral value of the character's overall strength, up to a max of 51. Gaining a level increases the character's hit points, mana, and movement points, as well as allowing them access to further skills, forms, abilities, and spells from their class. The effectiveness of many skills (and spells, etc.), is modified by the character's level, in terms of damage dealt, hours of duration, and so on. A character's level also grants them access to more general perks and milestones, as described below.

Level milestones:

6 Lose access to the School of Heroes.
10 Description needed to advance to next level.
11 Able to PK and be PKed.
20 Able to see the duration and effects with the affects command. Can scan 2 rooms away.
25 Background needed to advance to next level.
41(?) Able to bypass the undead guards on the street to Gogoth.
51 Hero level: cannot advance further.
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