An item bearing the noremove flag is affected with an item curse. Once worn, wielded, or held, the item can not be unequipped until the curse is removed. Under most circumstances, the curse may be lifted with the remove curse spell. Disarm and offhand disarm fail against a noremove item, as it does with nodisarm.

The key distinctions between noremove and nodisarm, however, are most apparent with weapons. While a nodisarm weapon, like one bearing neither flag, may be dropped due to Strength penalties, a noremove weapon cannot (while the character may no longer attack with that weapon, they may still parry with it). This can be especially useful for tanks when faced with void scholar and void templar opponents, be they PCs or mobiles. The trade-off for this boon is that since noremove weapons may not be unequipped, they cannot be repaired.


A noremove weapon, shield, or item held can be removed by alchemist potions that grant the effect of handwarp. If this is done, they will drop immediately to the ground, also disregarding the nodrop flag.

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