proposal: copying content

It seems that some of the helpfiles being put on the wiki are actual copies of helpfiles from in-game. I think content in the wiki should remain player-created and not cut-and-pasted as to avoid any copyright issues, etc. I think this would also go along with room descriptions and any other in-game content. I think item IDs are fine because they're not entirely descriptive, but if bard lore is included, then it should be changed as well.

Ideas? Thoughts? Suggestions?


  • Comment My way of adding helpfiles is by copying the basic avendar helpfile, and extending from there. I don't think copyright is an major issue here, and by starting with the basic helpfile, at least some flavor is kept in the text. I've been expanding just-helpfile-copies as well as just-bare-facts-articles left and right to more interesting helpfiles, and that seems to work well. Outside copyright issues, what other problems do you see with copying ingame content into the wiki? —Ardanwen
  • Comment Well, mostly just copyright issues, but Dovolente on the forums had indicated that they would not support us copy-and-pasting any of the above - I think it's only fair to the original owners of the content that their work not be reproduced elsewhere without proper permission (of course, if that permission is granted, there's no issue here either). Copying and extending would seem to violate that trust as well - but I guess that depends on the extent of the modifications. Just like plagiarism, due diligence is always required on behalf of the copier - is there a way to ensure that whomever copies an article, should also have to modify it to the extent that it won't be immediately recognized as a cut-and-paste job?
  • Comment Didn't you guys use some information from the Wiki, to put into in-game books? — Landeyda
  • Not anymore. -Kestrel
  • Comment The only thing I can speak to are the articles that I made and consented to the Imms using in the Earendam library. I was under the impression 99% of all player-made works in Avendar that were attributed to other authors were either consented to, or input after attempting to get consent (and the author could not be reached in-game or outside) - someone can correct me if I'm wrong, of course. Who are the "you guys" referring to? I am speaking on this forum as one of the current players of Avendar? Either way, copy-pasting website material into another website without prior consent (or proper notation?) is (edit: COULD BE VIEWED AS1) plagiarism and shouldn't be condoned, in any case. I think the player community can come up with much more detailed examples other than helpfile cut-pastes, anyhow. — Saedacal 1 - My point is, I'd rather be a part of something original than copied.
  • No Just my vote / opinion. I like avendars helpfiles, and prefer to build from those than trying to rephrase them. PS, I like neon's point. —Ardanwen
  • Comment: I largely think this won't be an issue as this project progresses. As it stands I think the helpfiles are a good starting place, but as things progress, the divergences will become more and more obvious. —neon
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