Potion Of Transportation

These valuable potions replicate a Word of Recall spell when quaffed, the difference being causes the user no lag. It instantly teleports the user to their home city's altar, even in combat. However, like the spell, using the potion dramatically reduces the users current movement points. Also like the spell, the potion fails if used in a norecall area, in a house, or while cursed.

These potions are a very effective instant way to flee from a fight, either with a mob or a player. A mob will not leave it's home area to pursue you (except for very rare circumstances), but a player may give chase with a potion of their own. Also, they may have someone waiting near your altar for you, when you have low movement points. These can be compelling reasons to pick a hometown different than the default choice of Var Bandor.

Every character past level 10 should carry at least one potion of transportation. Any character can obtain some at the Var Bandor apothocary in south eastern Var Bandor, the price of a little over 5 gold. Keep in mind that potions in the inventory will eventually rot and can be destroyed by a bard using note of shattering, so backup potions should be kept in a container.

Potions of Transportation in one's inventory (and not in a container), are always visible to the user no matter what, even if they are blind, in a dark area, or otherwise would not be able to see it. This is why at least one potion should be kept out of your containers, even if you have a macro to pull them out.

These potions are the only reliable way to escape certain traps or spells, like earth maw.

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