Proposal: In case that we provide directions to something (either a mob, a shrine, a quest, a house or a good place to loot something), I'd prefer it to be given in two ways: both in the way someone ingame might tell you, and in the speedwalk way. I think the speedwalk info there won't hurt. At least for me, given the choice I'd automatically use the text description first, as that is the way Avendar is build up inside my head. If I get lost and can't find my way, I might defect and use the second. For those that long ago learned to read the matrix without needing words ;-), they can skip the text and use the speedwalks directly.

Many of the less-skilled adventurers die within the Brintor Caves, still clinging to their gear. Curiously enough, they tend to drag themselves mortally wounded to the same corner of the caves: the western end of the luminous caves, just north and west of the Miners. This oddity has been thankfully used by many young and aspiring adventurer in need of some clothing.

The path from Center Square in Var Bandor is: 8n e 10n 11e n 2e 10n w 2n 2e 11n 4w 2s 4w n

(edited: like in the original example, I'd prefer the speedwalk to be in BBBBBB color, which is still easy enough to read.. should have put that in before putting the policy to the vote. I don't think a spoiler warning is necessary, but at least a color difference might tempt people to first try the flavor version).
(edited 9 sep: I agree that a bit more concise is probably a good thing, it's just my style of writing)

— Ardanwen

My original intent was to keep the articles free of 'flavor' text. However, your suggestion does have merit. We'll see what the other editors think, and put it to a vote. The forum should be going in soon, so we can wait till then. Thanks for finding middle ground, though! — Landeyda

  • Yes. Just a note - my comment was from a couple of days ago, before this became a real proposal. As for the idea itself, it would work well in our separation of spoilers and non-spoilers. - Landeyda
  • comment on Land: Mentioned it somewhere below, but I don't think speedwalks should fall under spoilers, as it is not that much of a spoiler (compared to counterforms or whatever we put under spoilers. See it more like spellboxes with spell mana cost and duration. (sort of don't want to deflate the spoiler warning) —Ardanwen
  • Yes. Though I think there should be a remark somewhere that says newbies should learn their way around rather than totally rely on speedwalks. Reliance on speedwalks can be a hindrance when attacked/hunted by a PC. — Taski
  • Nominal Yes, though I'd prefer if it weren't quite that flowery, the descriptive text. I know I can't even really read speedwalks; I lose count every time. It doesn't have to be fully dry, but a bit firmer in its content, and less written like fiction. And yes, I would like some emphasis at some point on learning where to go yourself. —neon
  • Yes I like both points, although it would be hard to put up a short story about every location and what have you that will be going up like this. — Ghostey (That's why we have a wiki.. it'll be a communal effort. One might prefer to add the speedwalk, the other to add the description. If it is too flavory, it can be shortened, but for me, there's fun in flavor —Ardanwen).
  • No.. and Yes I'm completely against speedwalks of all kinds, to be honest. If speedwalks are so difficult to read and dangerous for newbies, I don't see the point. I agree with flowery text, as always! Or a quest level-limit, to avoid getting into the realm of spoiling the game.
  • Yes — I see no problem with path inclusion. Paths are how I learned where many major landmarks were when I was new. —ninjadyne
  • Comment While there seems to be universal agreement on this, the proposal in not phrased into a policy. If you want to rewrite it as a policy, then we can get working on debating the language if needed, and putting it in. - Landeyda
  • Comment Honestly, this doesn't seem like so much a policy in its intent as a standards guideline, anyway. Maybe we should start making that distinction. It could still use a bit more firming up before it's usable as that anyway, though.
  • Comment I agree with you. Although, we really don't have standard guidelines yet. I was hoping to let things progress organically before setting them up. Either way - this is more in terms with a standard guideline, than a true policy. If Ard agrees with this, then it will be set aside to be added to that. - Landeyda
  • Comment Well, it is going about straight against the clarity policy, which is why it was added to the policies, but I agree it is more befitting for standards. —Ardanwen
  • Comment Honestly, I think the clarity policy would be better treated as a standards guideline, as well. :)
  • Comment Quite correct. As I've said before, the policies were simply there to open up the Wiki to everyone. I didn't want people not writing and spending all their time fighting about what could and could not be put up. I fully thought -and hoped- that the policies would be changes and/or moved into standards as needed. — Landeyda
  • Comment Yeah, I'm not knocking the initial decision, just that I think now's the time where it would be worthwhile to start making those alterations. —neon (also this sort of protracted commentary would be better suited to the talk page, but that's neither here nor there :P)
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