I propose that certain types of IDs be kept off the ID dump list.

These types include:

  • Items found in religious shrines
  • Items from hero-level quest areas (Xiganath, Mines of Gogoth, Dream Realms)
  • Items from solo quest areas [future]
  • Items which are otherwise legendary or powerful (Patrician vault gear, ch'lonin, etc.)
  • Items > level 52

I propose this for the following reasons:

  1. There is no particular reason for them to be on the list, as most newbies will not be exposed to them, or come across them in everyday situations.
  2. Posting them detracts from in-game exploration (shrine-raiding) or some of the benefits of following and applying for the sigil of a religion.

Barring this, I would ask that such items be at least kept to the bottom of the ID list (with the format, perhaps a separate page?) and clearly marked SPOILERS.


  • No; I've stated my feelings on this elsewhere but the crux of it is that this information inhibits no one's roleplay and can act as an encouragement. —neon yes to spoiler tag; you guys are right, there's no reason to make people have to look at it. —neon v.2
  • No to the removal; Yes to the spoiler tag I see no problem with marking them as spoilers. - Landeyda
  • No with regards to removal. Yes to spoiler tag. This wiki is not intended simply for newbies, and seeing an identification of high level items encourages shrine raiding and other high level endeavors. Items from god/goddess shrines, such as a soft, white cloak clasped with a sunstone pendant: how would anyone ever see it with active defense against people taking initiative to break in? That said, I wouldn't force someone to see it, though. —ninjadyne
  • Yes with regards to the removal. If the only reason people have to reach hero level and explore/raid new places is an ID on the wiki, I don't see the point in attracting those people. If the concept of "doing something dangerous (like shrine raids, religious temple raids) must have an equivalent payout" isn't reason enough then we're just supporting min/maxing, metagaming, etc. Whether it happens or not, I don't think the point of a wiki is to encourage that. Im open to suggestions/other ideas. — Saedacal/brooksy
  • Ambivalent on removal. Yes to spoiler tags and/or seperate page(s). — Taski
  • No on removal/Yes on tags I've stated my reasons more then once. -Ghostey
  • Comment We welcome all those with an opinion on policy change to work on the wiki, so their voice may be heard in these discussions. "A discussion between all active editors will then take place." is how we currently deal with policy change. I remind everyone, this is not a vote. The yes/no is simply to show if there is overwhelming support between the active editors. - Landeyda
  • No in general. right now, the only way ingame to find out if a weapon is worth killing a mob for is by killing the mob. That means that a hero that wants a better sword (and you can argue if that is good rp), will have to kill a ton of mobs to find his better sword. If we had a way to compare your own weapon /armor with the one on that of a mob / vendor, then at least there would be a non-mass-murder option to improve your gear ingame. I would agree to a Yes on the first four points, if every class had access to ingame ID, rather than having to go through wielding / dropping the weapon and comparing scores (which is just a way to pest non-id classes to get the same info). —Ardanwen
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