Offical Avendar Use

The Immortals have shown interest in using our custom helpfiles in-game. Here is my proposal for such:

  • Content must not be edited. While certain paragraphs may be used, censoring information within them isn’t allowed. Fixing grammar and typos is alright, however.
  • Credit must be given to AvendarWiki.
  • We want a permanent link from the main Avendar website, with the rest of the fansite links.

If agreed upon by us, and then by the IMMs, they are free to pull what they’d like from our spell and skill articles only.

  • Yes. I see nothing to object to here. —neon
  • Sure. Since I'm the one writing the helpfiles I could care less. However, I still find it funny that I've offered to do this on numerous occasions and I was either told no, or didn't get a response in the first place :P —Ghostey
  • No. I disagree with the demands. Asking them to be put in unedited, after we pulled them from the game and edited them is a very weird and twisted GPL-15 type of licence. It is their helpfile and their game we used as the base of our helpfiles: let them use what they want from our versions. Moreso, would this demand mean that they have to keep the helpfiles up to wiki, as we keep changing them?.. it sort of becomes a unmaintainable demand. The uncensored bits will be in the wiki. For the other two points, one No: demanding a permanent link is just a vanity thing, and we will get that anyway, if the wiki is of sufficient quality, and one Yes, credits somewhere would be nice if it is a substantial amount of helpfiles that they are using. Anyway, I like it that the imms like it. —Ardanwen.
  • Comment: The demands strike me as harsh, double-standard-esque, and Ard's basically said everything. I realize that I don't have a vote, but those are my impressions. -Kestrel
  • Comment: ultimately my concern here is the censorship of content. If this info is going to be used, I don't want the individual articles to be cherry-picked from within them for the palatable information. —neon
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