I propose that we stratify any and all pages on this site into different classifications of information.

I propose that there be three levels of information:

  1. General: This is little more than a parroting of the website and helpfiles, and might even be compact enough to be used as a header for #2:
  2. Tips: This is a more verbose handling of the matter, with "many players stockpile runed shields" and "ordering charmies to kick" types of information, codified to be helpful and explanatory without going into detailed numbers, supersekrit areas, or the like.
  3. Spoilers: Walkthroughs, speedwalks, counterforms, high-level IDs, quest solutions, detailed Shunned lore, etc.

I propose that this information consist of two or three nested pages (the ID dump could have a second page for all the high-level/sekrit stuff), with the spoilers clearly and colorfully marked.

I propose this stratification for the following reasons:

  1. This would prevent anyone from accidentally discovering something they might not have wanted to see. While no one is being forced to read the wiki, someone who is looking for an explanation of something simple might easily stumble across detailed form information they were looking forward to researching (a contrived example, but you get the idea).

In general, this will let people decide the level to which they want to read into things. A granular approach will allow wiki readers to tailor the amount of information they read to their personal playstyles.

I will provide a sample page for formatting and clarity's sake if requested (please use IRC).


  • Comment/Question Making three nestled pages for each article would be a massively time-consuming task. If we agree to this, do we have full IMM support for the Wiki? - Landeyda
  • I don't see how this would be very time-consuming, especially in this nascent stage. It would consist of creating a second page, cut/pasting in the spoilers, and then linking back/forth between the two. As to Imm support, I'm not going to state a policy one way or another until it's decided. I, personally, will be far more amenable to writing for the wiki once things are a little more compartmentalized. -Kestrel
  • Comments I don't think speedwalks need a spoiler protection. Only a few lunatics can see a speedwalk-from-CS code and immediately realize how to get somewhere, the rest will have to carefully type over the speedwalk and see where the mudclient brings them. That's enough stumble-upon protection. I think for the first level of information, people can use the avendar website and the ingame help. Together, that'd leave us just with the second and third level (one layer gone). If we use a collapsable-spoiler code there's a snippet somewhere that allows you to collapse text, then I think that we largely have the stumble-prevention covered, and we can use one layer, in which a good collapsed-spoiler-template is embedded where neccesary. For the IDs, we're already in an IDpolicy discussion. — Ardanwen
  • While I don't view speedwalks as particularly revelatory, myself, I think the KIND of information they represent fits more with the spoiler side of things. As to the first tier of information, I agree — it's more or less unnecessary. Could you show me an example of how the spoiler collapse might work? -Kestrel
  • Here you go for an example: spoiler-collapsible. The reason why I'd just give speedwalks a different color is because when we call too many things 'spoilers', we'll need a superspoiler category for the really spoiler information… and basically degrade the whole concept. —Ardanwen
  • Conditional yes: see comment — for one the ID dump is not in its final state, right now, all it is is a dump, and it's not intended for reference or usage as it is, hence why I've felt little concern with my comments; they'll be edited out when things go to "print", so to speak. For the other, I'll agree if in adopting such a policy, we're not restricted in what we actually do print; I think it would defeat the purpose to have such an elaborate spoiler policy if we're still going to be restricted on what can or can't go up. Elsewise, I have no issue with making sure that the only way to find this kind of information to be if you're looking for it. —neon
  • Yes; see comment — Separating spoiler-related information with Ardanwen's spoiler-collapsible-style links seems like a good bet and will probably be the best compromise between "let it all hang out" and "don't post in-depth information". With clear denotation, I see no problem with having to make someone click to read a spoiler. —ninjadyne
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