It’s sad I even need to propose this.

This is the definition of vandalism for the purposes of this policy:

AvendarWiki definition of vandalism

  1. Removing legitimate content without explanation or an explanation that makes no sense.
  2. Adding content to this wiki not about or related to Avendar

Cleaning Vandalism

An act of vandalism can be removed or reverted with only a comment in the edit summary identifying the type of vandalism

  • Yes. Clearly this is now needed. - Landeyda
  • Question - Why did you propose the policy and then immediately act on it as writ, without consulting the rest of the wiki? As far as I can tell, this definition of vandalism was just written, and one change has already been made on it. -Kestrel
  • I reverted since the change was dealing with another policy. - Landeyda
  • The policy cited was 'vandalism', and several times over. -Kestrel
  • Yes, with modifications - The owner of a given piece of information should reserve the rights to remove it, provided that they sign and/or reserve that right. Yes, I'm going to do this now. - Kestrel
  • There is no owner of information on a Wiki. - Landeyda
  • Delay vote; this is an incredibly hot-button topic right now, and I think the interests of the wiki as a whole would be best served if all connected parties took a day or two to cool off. Right now, this comes off as a little immature on both sides, which does a disservice to valid opinions on all sides of the issue. —neon
  • Comment @Kestrel: If the owner of a given piece of information removes it, then another one can just put it back in using the history function, and be the new 'owner'. Landeyda has a point that owning information on a wiki is a tricky thing. Secondly, as long as there is no clear policy on deletion / ownership of information, Landeyda can just restore what you deleted, without breaking a policy. As far as I could tell, there wasn't that much wrong with the information in the coven article. Applicants that want to be the Coven scorpion should still explain whatever book it was that they learned all this information about from, and then be toasted by Ramc. — Ardanwen
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