Policy Proposals

If you are suggesting a new policy, create a page named as below and link it at the end of this article


If you are suggesting change to a current policy, name it


A discussion between all active editors will then take place. If there is overwhelming support for it, the policy will be put in place. Please note: This is not a vote. It must be universally agreed upon before it is used as an official AvendarWiki policy.

A proposal will stay active for a week to allow full discussion. If no conclusion is reached, a vote lasting forty-eight hours will be held. If the vote proves successful, it will stay active for another week of debate. If not, the proposal will be considered rejected.

The vote has no baring on approval of the policy, simply the length of time it can be debated for.

vandalism - A proposal on how we define and deal with vandalism. Put up for review by Landeyda.

spoilers - A proposal on how to specifically sort and separate different levels of revelatory information. Put up for review by Kestrel. Sep 05

idpolicy - A proposal to change what is allowed for item ID tags. Put up for review by Kestrel.

directions - A proposal concerning how to detail directions in the wiki (both flavor text and speedwalks), put up by Ardanwen on Sep 04.

policy - copying content. Put up for review by Saedacal.

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