Aelin appear as delicate, attractive humanoids, usually with light-colored hair and curving, pointed ears. All aelin have wings, the color of which has traditionally shown great variety. Their bodies are typically slight, and due to their bird-like nature, it has often been asserted that their bones are hollow to allow natural flight.


Native Language Aelin
Vulnerabilities Blunt
Resistances Lightning
Racial Traits Natural Flight


Warriors: Fighter Swordmaster
Rogues: Thief Watcher Bard
Scholars: Water Scholar Fire Scholar Earth Scholar Air Scholar Void Scholar Spirit Scholar
Templars: Water Templar Fire Templar Earth Templar Air Templar Void Templar Spirit Templar
Mentalists: Assassin Psionicist
Others: Alchemist


Strength: 18
Intelligence: 23
Wisdom: 18
Dexterity: 25
Constitution: 18
Charisma: 25
Practices per Level: 3
Alignment: Good, Neutral, Evil
Ethos: Lawful, Neutral


The aelin are one of the oldest mortal races in Avendar. Although their emergence is not for hundreds of years after the Sundering, their cities in the sky were perhaps the first to recall the greatness of the ancient alatharya. Unsurprisingly, the early aelin collected the artifacts of their predecessors. Ilodaiya, one of the most prominent cities of the modern aelin, is said to be built upon one of them.

The War of Fire is one of the first major events in post-Sundering Avendar and it did not leave the aelin unaffected. While other races abandoned their cities in the face of the allied srryn and human warlords, the aelin did not. Initially, the magics of water were not yet available and the aelin had to rely on the artifacts of the ancient alatharya or their own wits to defend them. As a result, droves of aelin were killed and many cities were destroyed. The aelin allied with other humans who fought for the same cause, together rousing Jolinn from His timeless slumber. Serving in the name of Jolinn after the War was a being known as Serachel, whose influence would alter the course of aelin history.

While Serachel was driving force in the development of the high aelin culture, that culture spread, influencing other societies such as the Republic. Humans incorporated elements of aelin justice into their government, creating a mighty and lasting city-state. During this time, Serachel's power grew among the aelin as he and Alia walked as one of them, helping to press the race onward to ever-increasing heights of aesthetics and indulgence.

The War of Night had a particularly lasting impact on the psyche of the aelin as a race. Serachel, who had urged them to such splendor, also urged them to embrace the Void to defeat the shuddeni and create a mighty, timeless empire of their own. Many of Serachel's followers did in fact do this, although it would eventually mean nothing; Serachel himself was defeated by Rystaia and imprisoned in the Nightmare Realm. However, the impression made was quite lasting. Even a thousand years later, there is a significant amount of tacit agreement with Serachel's ideals among some aelin, while others revile that their brothers and sisters would believe as his now-despised followers did.

In modern times, aelin serve in many professions and hold many places of rank even within more typically human cities, such as Earendam and Var Bandor. Ilodaiya continues to maintain its mystique as one of the strongholds of the older aelin ways, distant as it is. Powerful aelin have been on all sides of conflict, enmeshed in the intrigues of the Raiders of Twilight, protecting the rule of Order as Guardians of the Law, maintaining the balance as Knights of Enirra, engaged in deceit corruption as the Coven of the Shunned, and upholding lofty ideals among the Champions of Avendar.


Pride and charm are hallmarks of the aelin race. This pride is not just rooted in an individual aelin's talents, but in their race as a whole. While this frequently comes off as being aloof or conceited, it is not necessarily either; an aelin is rarely in question of their own, or their race's, worth.

Status in society is of the utmost importance to aelin, and appearance is always a consideration. Their choices in clothing and methods are as important to them as their natural beauty. Grace for the aelin extends beyond their bodies into every aspect of their lives, leading many to be both charming and evasive in politics, relationships, and so on.

In Play

Aelin have a resistance to lightning, reducing damage dealt to them and increasing their ability to make saves of that type. They also have a vulnerability to blunt damage, such as Earth magic. This can be a particularly devastating weakness for the unprepared against an earth scholar or templar, as well as early mobiles who fight unarmed. Like the nefortu, aelin also have the ability to fly naturally with the fly command. Although their movement costs are lowered while flying, they will regenerate movement points more slowly (but will always regenerate at least some). This regeneration speed is one of the primary differences between magical and natural flight.

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