Alatharya are typically about nine feet tall, with silvery skin and flowing white hair. Virtually all alatharya are bulky and heavily muscled, their girth typically limiting their natural grace. However, their minds do not reflect their impressive physical stature, leaving them among the slowest in Avendar.


Native Language Common
Vulnerabilities Holy
Resistances Blunt
Racial Traits Giant size, Improved Scan Distance


Warriors: Fighter Barbarian Gladiator
Rogues: Bandit
Naturalists: Ranger


Strength: 25
Intelligence: 16
Wisdom: 17
Dexterity: 18
Constitution: 25
Charisma: 18
Practices per Level: 2
Alignment: Neutral
Ethos: Lawful, Neutral, Chaotic


The alatharya are by far the oldest of Avendar's mortal races, said to be the first created by the Overgods. This early rise, and the legendary mental and physical strength of their ancestors, gives the alatharya the dubious title of "First Race". As they waxed powerful, the alatharya gained ever-growing command over magic. In their hubris, their leaders challenged the gods who created them to become gods in their own right. Some suggest that their reason for doing so was at the prompting of Ashur, but the details are long lost to time. Unsurprisingly, their claim to godhood was thwarted by the Overgods, and the alatharya were cast down.

This event, known as the Sundering, devastated the alatharya as a race and the physical world as well. To prevent other mortals from attempting to achieve godhood with pure magic, it was divided into six elemental spheres. This divison produced intense magical storms which scoured the surface of Avendar, utterly destroying the civilization of the alatharya, and warping many of the previous creations of Jolinn. This is the point at which younger mortal races began to develop, in the wake of the ancient alatharya's passing.

The alatharya, however, did not die off. Despite the loss of their fabled intellect, they remained, scratching out a meager existence in the wild. Some scholars on pre-modern alatharya suggest that it was at this time that the roots of the Enirran religion were laid, and why the alatharya have such an affinity for Her. Be that as it may, the world-spanning civilization of the alatharya was never to return. Fearful of more divine punishment, the alatharya avoided interaction with other races and great conflicts such as the War of Fire and War of Night. In the wake of that destruction, the alatharya in general became more prominent on the world scene, again returning to significance in world affairs and the interplay of the Great Houses.

In the modern age, alatharya are found wherever humans are, often performing menial tasks, serving as soldiers or bouncers, or otherwise performing in some physical capacity.


Strength is a hallmark of the alatharya, but this strength is often tempered by fear. Long punished by the gods, the alatharya suffer eternally from their divine wrath. Paired with their dim intellect, this makes many alatharya seem like little more than overgrown simpletons. However, this fear can just as easily drive an alatharya forward to achieve his goals.

Because of their unusually permanent dullity, alatharya are not often found in positions of political power. In situations involving physical might, such as a field commander or soldier, alatharya tend to excel on the power of their bodies alone. In general, alatharya need little reason to do what they do, so long as it does not put them afoul of the gods.

In Play

Alatharya have a resistance to blunt damage, reducing the damage they take from many unarmed physical attacks. This also gives them increased ability to resist the magics of Earth, at least relating to those that deal damage. They are vulnerable to holy damage, which puts spirit scholars and templars at the top of their list of foes. Since many powerful weapons also deal damage of this type, an unwary alatharya can find herself in many painful PK situations. However, their large size improves their ability to use some skills, such as bash, and also allows them to hold many two-handed weapons in one hand. Additionally, an alatharya can scan one room farther than other races without the use of traits.

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