The ch'taren are not a race originally born of Avendar. They originated as refugees from the plane of Spirit, during the War of Night. It was then that Ashur traveled to the plane of Spirit, seeking to consume the vast amounts of magical energies located there. Upon his arrival he battled the twin deities Rystaia and Vaialos. He consumed Vaialos, which allowed Rystaia to escape.

It was some time later that the ch'taren priests plotted to use the dark magics of Ashur against him, and prepared to use the rituals of the shuddeni, and their void magics to enter the world of Avendar. So it came that when the shuddeni priests prepared to summon demons from the Void, the ch'taren instead used the gateway they had stolen, and swarmed into the shuddeni priests, thus coming into the War of Night, and the world of Avendar forever.

The ch'taren appear as tall humanoids with shimmering gold skin, and exist only partially in this plane of existence. Because ch'taren can only be good, they will more then likely be attacked by characters who are evil or evil-leaning. The ch'taren race's primary enemy, therefore, is the shuddeni, who embody everything they abhor. Ch'taren are primarily happy and free as a race.


Native Language Ch'taren
Vulnerabilities Negative/Defilement
Resistances Physical, Mental
Racial Traits Pass Door


Warriors: Swordmaster
Rogues: Thief Bard
Scholars: Water Scholar Fire Scholar Earth Scholar Air Scholar Void Scholar Spirit Scholar
Templars: Water Templar Fire Templar Earth Templar Air Templar Void Templar Spirit Templar
Others: Alchemist


Strength: 17
Intelligence: 25
Wisdom: 22
Dexterity: 22
Constitution: 16
Charisma: 24
Practices per Level: 4
Alignment: Good
Ethos: Neutral, Chaotic
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