Ethron are a forest dwelling race, whom live in organized structure resembling cities of the wood. They are kind creatures, often aiding those that would become lost, or in trouble within their regions. Whole most ethron prefer to live in the peace and solitude of nature, some have been known to enter the cities and travel to the vast reaches of the world. The ethron in general are an understanding people, with a knowledge of most of what goes on around them, thus, lending them to a wide scope of ethos and alignments.

Ethron are slightly shorter then most in Avendar, the tallest hardly reaching over five feet. The hold a greenish tint to their skin, and are usually rather robust. Most tend to be a kind people, often helpful and slow to anger. This is however, not always the case, as every race has it's exceptions.


Native Language Ethron
Vulnerabilities None
Resistances None
Racial Traits Forest Walk, fast regeneration in nature, slow regeneration in cities


Warriors: Fighter Barbarian Swordmaster Gladiator
Rogues: Bard
Scholars: Water Scholar Fire Scholar Earth Scholar Air Scholar Void Scholar Spirit Scholar
Templars: Water Templar Fire Templar Earth Templar Air Templar Void Templar Spirit Templar
Naturalists: Druid Ranger
Mentalists: Psionicist
Others: Alchemist


Strength: 22
Intelligence: 18
Wisdom: 22
Dexterity: 18
Constitution: 23
Charisma: 22
Practices per level: 3
Alignments: Good, Neutral
Ethos: Lawful, Neutral, Chaotic


Ethron make very good warriors, so far as Fighters, Barbarians, Gladiators go. They are decent to average Swordmasters, yet the low Dexterity of the race does hamper them compared to the higher Dexterity races. They are very good Templars, and Mediocre Scholars. With the natural ability to heal/regenerate in wilderness, the class lends itself well to Druids and Rangers.

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