The Nefortu are known throughout Avendar are tricksters, liars and gamblers. They can often be found within close distance to a tavern or other location where money might be changing hands through the use of cards or dice. Because of their quickness and small size, Nefortu excel at beings rogues, which only lends to their overall "untrusted" status within the world.

Nefortu appear as small winged creatures, with large pointy ears, and devoid of hair. Their skin is usually dark, ranging from brown to black, and anything in between. They are one of the smallest races in Avendar, and are thus the easiest to use brute force against.


Native Language Nefortu
Vulnerabilities Sound
Resistances Light
Racial Traits Darkvision, Natural Flight, Small Size


Rogues: Thief Watcher
Scholars: Water Scholar Fire Scholar Earth Scholar Air Scholar Void Scholar Spirit Scholar
Templars: Water Templar Fire Templar Earth Templar Air Templar Void Templar
Mentalists: Assassin Psionicist
Others: Alchemist


Strength: 17
Intelligence: 21
Wisdom: 18
Dexterity: 24
Constitution: 22
Charisma: 16
Practices per Level: 3
Alignment: Neutral, Evil
Ethos: Lawful, Neutral, Chaotic
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