The Champions of Avendar are known throughout the realms as defenders of the light and as evil's chief enemies. Renowned for their bravery and protection of the innocent, their order has stood as a bulwark against the forces of darkness since the War of Fire. Champions are devoted to the ideals of a martyred saint from that time, and their organization is sometimes referred to as the Order of Aramril. They reside in the fortress of the same name: the Tower of Aramril. While they are traditionally devoted to the Creator of Life, Jolinn, Champions have been known to follow the paths of all the deities of Light, with the notable exception of Alajial.

The ideals of Saint Aramril are:

* Justice: The only proper punishment for evil is the destruction of their plans and capacity to harm the innocent. Contrawise, those of pure heart must be protected at all costs.
* Courage: Champions must show courage in facing evil. Whether facing the hordes of evil as a lone hero, or as a general directing the armies of the light, a Champion never allows his fear to overcome his devotion to the salvation of all Avendar.
* Mercy: Champions must show mercy to those who truly repent of their deeds, for it is better that one be lead from darkness by thought and deed than to destroy the body without saving the innocent. Succor should always be rendered to the innocent, for theirs is the essence of why a champion fights.

Above all, a Champion should and must strive to become the embodiment of the ideals he or she represents. The Champion strives to be an example for all of Avendar, and an unstoppable force in the war against evil.


The Order of Aramril has a rough structure, the hierarchy of which tends to fade in and out of use depending on the inclinations of the current Lord General:

Lord General The highest power bestowed on a Champion, the General is the ultimate mortal authority in matters of the Order. His commands are never to be disregarded, as the safety and well-being of the entire Order are his primary responsibility. In the absence of a mortal leader, Akraelyn assumes the responsibilities thereof.
Chancellor The Lord General's most trusted advisor, the Chancellor acts as a sounding-board for many of the General's ideas and tactics. A skilled leader himself, the Chancellor is capable of dealing with any tasks the General might need to delegate. Matters of discipline and conduct are also the province of the Chancellor, and it is his role to keep the Champions in fit fighting condition at all times. In the absence of a mortal leader, Ealiryon occupies this position.
Paladin Experienced adventurers and paragons of the virtues of the Champions, Paladins are selected from the most able of the Knights within the Order. Acting as lieutenants in battle, Paladins aid communication and direction under the supervision of the Chancellor (and, of course, the General).
Knight A Knight is a Champion who has proven his or her mettle. He or she has either been a novice for a long time, or has distinguished himself in some way. The Knight is considered the most common type of soldier in the Order; they make up the backbone of Aramril's army.
Novice The lowest rank in the tower is that of Novice. The Novice is generally a new Champion. Novices are directly under the command of the more experienced Knights.


The Champions of Avendar have a rich history, as their intervention has so often been essential to the prevention of countless wars and plots. The Champions began as a close-knit band of adventurers who accompanied the ascetic Aramril in his battles during the War of Fire. Realizing the need for comprehensive organization, they swore an oath of devotion to the Gods of Light and to each other, naming themselves Paladins. Each member had an equal say in things, and yet Aramril was the unspoken leader. Shortly thereafter, they secured for themselves a simple stockade under the eaves of the north forest. Historians debate as to whether or not this can be truly named as the original site of the modern-day Tower, but it is reputed to be such. Over time, despite Aramril's wishes, the Paladins named him as their commander, and with the help of the Titans, they built the Tower from yellow stone. Upon his martyrdom he was buried in the Sakma Sjijia with his sister Salyra, and the Paladins named one of their own as his successor.

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As time passed, the Paladins slowly evolved into the current Champions of Avendar. Avistis is reported as being the first to name the Order as such. Aramril's successor, name lost to time, is said to have been the first to lay down the Tenets, given in a rapturous vision with an archon of the Lord Jolinn. Malusmi ordered the scripting of the Commandments of the Champions after a similar ecstasy-dream. After the final battle of the War of Fire, the demon An'akarta was cast down and his scales used to top the Dome of the Sun. Iyalisn is credited with detailing the internal structure of Champions as written above, and consequently as being the first Lord General called by that title. In the Eyeblight War the Tower was occupied and defiled by the armies of the Scourge; Surface Alliance forces re-took it, restoring the vault with the Staff of Vysara. After its recapture, the Tower was built anew by the Titans, with greater defenses and a reinforced garrison.

Lord General Chancellor
Aramril -
Avistis -
Yesa -
Malusmi -
Eintras -
Pfusch -
Teris Aehaeser
Iyalisn -
Irssanis -

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House Powers

Holy Avenger This spell is cast upon weapons to increase their potency against the powers of darkness.
Reveal This fills the area with holy light, attempting to reveal those hidden by guile or magic.
Brotherhood This spell links two Champions together, allowing them to lean on each others' strength.
Scourge of Darkness This spell tears through the room, bringing wrath upon any darkhearted.
Soulblade Champions conjure this blade of holy energy in a blast of searing righteousness.


Joining the Champions is often a life of servitude, humility, and war. Champions are very often instant targets among the darkhearted. Many times folk of evil intent will take hostages from among NPCs, attempting to force the Champion into doing their will. **Other stuff here.**


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