"Saves" is a very generalized way of quantifying a resistance to magic or psionics. Occasionally, a song or form will allow for this type of prevention, but more often than not, they do not. A character's saves are listed in their score.

Spell Saves

The Wisdom stat, the character's level and equipment are the primary ways to improve a character's saves, with the chance of negating spell effects increasing as the saves value decreases. This is similar to how armor class functions.

The berserk skill grants increased protection against saves-based attacks. Good-aligned characters in a sanctified room have a boost to their saves, while Evil-aligned mobiles are granted a higher boost in a desecrated room. Resistances are treated as a bonus against saves of their type.

Note: many items refer to save vs spell, save vs breath, save vs petrification and so on; however, all of these add to the same generic saves value for the purposes of checks, be they for breath weapons, petrification or mundane spells.

Psionic Saves

Psionic saves, unlike spell saves, are not affected by equipment with a "saves" attribute. Instead, this save is primarily based on the Intelligence and Wisdom stats and respective levels of the focusing character and her target. As with spell saves, the berserk skill grants a boon to resisting psionic powers. Resistances only apply to psionic saves if the resistance type is mental damage. While there is some equipment that grants this as a modifer, they are substantially less available than typical spell save gear.

Ch'taren have a racial trait granting them resistance against mental attacks. Should a psionic ability be focused on a character successfully, the psionic save for each subsequent round is significantly harder.

Dispel Saves

Dispel magic and cancellation allow a special type of save to check to see if magical effects are removed. Compared to other checking, this save type is significantly simpler; the major components are the level of the spell being removed, the level of the dispel magic/cancellation spell used, and whether or not the spell attempting to be removed is permanent.

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