Animate Golem
Type: Charmed Mob Creation Spell
Range: Target Character
Cost: 500 mana
Lag: ..
Duration: Instantaneous

Syntax: animategolem <item> <item> … <item>

Alchemist can create a powerful golem to serve them. Several types of Golems exists, with different types of attacks and abilities. Golems can carry items. For the beginning alchemist: Golems have been reported to be created primarily from high-level items of similar material (lowest verified thus far from 3 lvl 40 items). Identical items can be used when creating golems, but are not a requirement.

The health of your golem not only depends on the items used, but also scales with level. The amount of damage the golem does also scales up (from mediocre to POTENT damage, unbuffed), independent of the items you use to create it.

Note: the descriptions of the golems are somewhat of a treat to the eyes. Have fun exploring!

Primary Attributes: Intelligence, Wisdom

Types of Golems available:

  • A golem of air:
    (Charmed) A grey construct of cloudweave has been formed into a humaneseque golem.
    Materials: pulverized scrolls, pulverized cloth
    Attack verb: Shocking grip
    Abilities: trip
  • A golem of ancient:
    (Charmed) A solid construct of transparent, shimmering sand has been formed into a humanesque golem.
    Materials: Dragonscale, unmodified.
    Attack verb: magic
  • A golem of diamond:
    no info
  • A golem of earth:
    (Charmed) A glistening construct of animated clay stands here, formed into a humanesque golem.
    Materials: reforged metal
    Attack verb: pound
    Abilities: extra healthy, kick skill
  • A golem of fire:
    (Charmed) A burning construct of glowing slag stands here, formed into a humanesque golem.
  • A golem of flesh:
    no info
  • A golem of granite:
    no info
  • A golem of nature:
    (Charmed) A feral, humanesque construct stands here, covered in scales, fur, and feathers.
    Materials: wood, chitin
    Attack verb: Claw
  • A golem of spirit:
    no info
  • A golem of tin:
    no info
  • A golem of transmogrification:
    (Charmed) (Translucent) A flickering, squirming construct patched together from a variety of materials stands here.
  • A golem of void:
    (Charmed) A fleshy, hairless construct stands here, pale and corpselike.
    Materials: non-trophy bone
    Attack verb: Unholy touch
    Abilities: kick, bash
  • A golem of water:
    (Charmed) A construct of dirty, opaque ice stands here, formed into a humanesque golem.
    Materials: ice
    Attack verb: Freezing grip
    Abilities: self-heal, bash
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