Type: Ranged Weapon Skill
Range: Target
Cost: None
Lag: depends on aim
Duration: Instantaneous

Syntax: shoot <short | medium | long | barbed> <target> <quick | normal | aimed> <optional direction>

Archery is a ranged weapon skill which functions very much like melee weapon skills such as sword. The base frequency of hitting and the base damage dealt are tied to this percentage. In the same manner that melee combat requires the use of the kill or murder commands, archery requires the shoot command to actually fire arrows. Short, medium, long and barbed arrows can be bought at stores, and can optionally be ignited before firing them. This gives them a flaming attack with a damage-over-time component, and puts this flaming arrow in the players inventory. To fire these arrows, they first need to be nocked. The nock command is also used to nock special arrow types that can be found carried by various mobiles. Arrows can be shot either quickly (instantly shoots them, almost no lag after shooting them), normally (instant, some lag after shooting) and aimed (lag before and after shooting). The longer a player aims, the more damage the arrow does.

At low levels, archery is a very strong ability. A target can often be surprised by first placing a single aimed shot of a ignited barbed arrow, followed up by a quicker shot while the target deals with the confusion of just being attacked. This combination usually puts a target on the brinck of death. The damage of archery doesn't scale that well with level, making it less useful at higher levels, although it will still has its purpose in fighting people that seek shelter at gate guards or bouncers.

As archers don't need to specify what direction they shoot in, but do see an echo what direction they did shoot in, the archery skill can be used to scout where a target is, using quickly aimed arrows. Also, targets hit by an arrow are briefly ‘in combat’, which prevents movement for a moment. In this way, an air templar or ranger can catch up with his/her target.

It is important to be careful when using this skill while bellow 100% skill, as when it misses, there is a significant chance of hitting another target in the same room as the user or the target, including groupmates.

Arrow Types:

  • Short: Range: 2 rooms. Damage: Highest.
  • Medium: Range: 3 rooms. Damage: Middle.
  • Long: Range: 4 rooms. Damage: Middle. Shoots further than most PCs can scan.
  • Barbed: Range: 3 rooms. Damage: Least. Makes target bleed hp every tick.

Other arrows can be found in the realms, typically by killing ranger and air templar npcs. These often have special effects, like poison or blindness.

Bug: The air templar skill precision can trigger on a miss. This can instant kill an unlucky groupmate.

Primary Attribute: Dexterity

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