Duration : Permanent Cost: 10 mana

Syntax: Applybarbs <arrow>
Applypoison <arrow>
Ignite <arrow>

Once they have created an arrow, rangers may take the time to apply barbs,
poison, ignite the arrow, or any combination thereof. Barbed arrows will dig
into the target, and poisoned arrows will impart that quality to the target on
impact. Flaming arrows will set the target on fire. Any of these can be used
on a single arrow for a combined effect, but it is more difficult to add
further modifications to an arrow that has already been adjusted. This skill
can only be used on arrows created through the wildcraft skill.

Primary Attribute: Dexterity

Make sure to keep lots of arrows on your person, as they go quickly! Keep them in a container so that you don't overburden yourself.

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