Type: Lag Skill
Range: Target Character
Cost: None
Lag: 2 rounds
Duration: Instantaneous

Syntax: bash <target>

Bashing is arguably the most commonly used lag skill used in PK. Like shield bash, bash operates on size and percentage with regards to success. Despite bash dealing virtually no useful damage, its true power lies in preventing the target character from using commands of their own. It is often considered superior to trip because flying alone does not protect against it.

It is also the most broadly resisted, with a wide variety of spells and skills focused on reducing its usage as a one-trick pony. Tumbling, evade, kidney shot, protective shield, stabilize, astral form, wind wall, flame shield, barkskin, form of the panther, and deflection all grant at least some protection against bashing.

Bashing does not function under water without aquatic movement, nor can it affect characters that are not standing.

Primary Attribute: Strength

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