Syntax: bind <target>

This skill allows a rogue to attempt to tie up an unconscious foe, binding their legs and putting a hood over their head. One or both of these bindings may fail during the attempt. Once bound, the victim will have difficulty moving quickly and be unable to see due to the hood.

The skills bolo, pummel, and waylay will render an opponent unconscious and vulnerable to binding.

Binding may be performed on an unconscious opponent while in combat with another opponent.

If the victim to be bound is not knocked out but simply normally sleeping, only the bag will be attempted to put over the victim's head before they wake up. However, if the bind succeeds, they will be unable to see and will not automatically attack their assailant on waking.

As it is done in two steps, it is possible for one part of a bind attempt to fail and for the other to succeed. If both fail, it may be attempted again. Oddly, if one part of the bind attempt succeeds, the victim can not be bound again to attempt to re-do the part that failed.

Primary Attribute: Dexterity

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