Syntax: bolo <optional direction> <target> <optional location>

One of the most consistently-useful skills in the Watcher's inventory, bolo allows the Watcher to hurl a weighted line at a foe, with various potentially disabling effects.

Neck: Target knocked unconscious. Rarely effective from range, highly effective against a target in the same room. A target knocked unconscious in this fashion is susceptible to the bind skill, as well as wide-open to backstab or ambush.

Arms: Target will be hindered in combat. Naturally-flying opponents will be forced to land, and be unable to fly until they can get the bolo off.

Legs: Target will be hindered in moving between rooms.

Primary Attribute: Dexterity

Question: When it says "hindered in moving between rooms" does that mean they have a chance to fall and lag, take damage when they move, use more stamina to move, or a combination of these?

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