Syntax: caltraps <direction>

The "caltraps" skill allows an assassin to throw down several caltraps. If anyone walks into a room with caltraps on the ground or floor, he will take a small amount of damage. In combat, the assassin can throw caltraps and flee in a particular direction. Caltraps have no effect on PCs or mobs who are flying.

This skill is most useful in combat, as it allows an assassin to choose the direction of his flight. The damage it does is negligible, and so it is probably not very useful as a means of killing opponents.

This skill can also be used to set trap for a quick moving target, similar to a grease trap If you know your foe will be passing through a room, spread down some caltraps and wait. He will be lagged briefly if he steps on them, giving you a chance to strike. Keep in mind they only last a very short period on the ground, though, and need to be reapplied regularly. Also, unlike grease trap, they technically do a small amount of damage and are therefore illegal in lawful areas, if that concerns you. Caltraps on the ground can be set of by people outside of your PK range.

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