Type: Hiding Skill
Range: Self
Cost: 5 Mana
Lag: 2 Rounds?
Duration: See Text

Syntax: Camouflage, camo

Camoflage is much like hide, but it is better in a few ways. Firstly the Sharp vision skill required to detect camouflaged characters is much less common then the detect hidden skill. It is only learned by rangers, watchers, and druids, all of which are underplayed classes. Secondly, although a camouflaged character still can not tell if the skill worked, they can talk without breaking the affect. They can even simply ask someone if they are visible.

It has a couple of disadvantages, however. Sneak does not allow a camouflaged character to stay hidden while moving. Instead the Wilderness Movement skill, only learned by rangers, is required. This skill can only be used in wilderness environments. Because they are less frequented than cities, this might make the skill better for hiding, but also makes it less effective for setting up ambushes.

Most importantly, a ranger using this skill must note that it does not hide their charmies. They won't look like normal forest animals, either, because they also still bear the big (Charmed) tag. A ranger must, unfortunately, choose between using camouflage and using their charmies.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence, Wisdom

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