Type: Earth Templar Attack Skill
Range: Single PC or Mob Within Scan Range
Cost: No Cost
Lag: 1 round
Duration: Instantaneous

Syntax: Charge <target> <direction>

Specialized in tactics of brute force and momentum, an earth templar may slam
into an opponent from a distance, dealing blunt damage and pushing the target
into a room along the same vector if possible, both proportionally to how far
he has run. A target who is protected by a flame shield will burn someone
charging them, and it is not possible to push an anchored target. Targets who
are sensing danger, scouting, or particularly wary will be more difficult to
charge, as they are more inclined to see the templar coming.

It is not possible to charge through water, unless the user is able to move
freely there. Aggressive mobiles will stop a charge short, as well. A one-room
charge will not build up enough momentum to push anyone. Certain mobiles
cannot be moved via a charge.

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