Syntax: Drag <Victim or Corpse> <Optional Direction>

Drag allows a bandit to drag both PC-corpses (though not MOB corpses) and waylaid, pummeled, or choked (in addition to any other means of incapacitation) players, moving them one room at a time at the cost of some lag.

Drag is particularly useful as a skill in order to pull victims into situations where it either hinders their escape or provides you with offensive ability- a victim with a stolen canoe and stolen potions will not be able to flee if dragged onto water, and a victim dragged into a locked room after their potions have been stolen will similarly be most likely unable to flee. As well as this, a victim can be dragged into a room with mobs that will assist the bandit in question, or drag a victim away from mobs that will assist it.

Drag carries an inherent risk of failure, even at 100%; while most often it will work, on occasion players or mobs will take a small amount of damage when you use the skill, automatically waking and attacking you.

Primary Attribute: Strength

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