Syntax: Hew

Hew is the ability given to barbarians wielding an axe. If one is -very- lucky and starts combat with a hew, against someone with full hit points, there is the chance of instant death. This is very rare however, and should not be relied upon. While many would argue that hew is the end of all the barbarian class, it has disadvantages in combat, especially PK. An axe will parry far less then a mace, and is only usable with the hew command. A mace however will parry slightly better, along with the uses of the bludgeon and boneshatter skills.

While it is true that Hew is not to be relied upon to instantly kill someone, it IS inevitably going to work. Thus it is possible to camp a non-aggressive mob and attempt to hew it in half. While this process may take some time, it is still possible to instantly kill a powerful
mob single-handedly. Again, this only works on non-aggressive mobs.

Primary Attribute: Strength

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