Type: Concealment Skill
Range: Self
Cost: 1 mana
Lag: None
Duration: See Text

Syntax: hide

Hide is practiced by all rogues save watchers to evade detection. It is similar to the invisibility spell, however there are several key distinctions. Only rogues and bards may detect hidden characters, and most actions will cause the character to cease hiding. It is only possible to hide in rooms that are of terrain type city, underground or indoors.

While a character is hiding, he may freely look, eat, drink, sit, rest, sleep, pick up or drop items, make use of most non-combat rogue skills, or use socials. Most successful usages of the steal skill will not end this status, nor will waylay. Coronal Glow, Ethereal Blaze, Faerie Fog, and Reveal will all force a person from hide and prevent him from hiding again for the duration of the spell. While he is affected by the sneak skill, a rogue may move freely without losing his hiding status.

A little know counter, one can not hide while they have a bleeding effect on them.

Many rogues will trigger this skill to their usage of the say or tell commands, making them very difficult to converse with. This skill does not show up on one's affects list, so many rogues will attempt this skill several times, even at higher percentages, for surety's sake.

Since it only cost 1 mana and has no lag, this skill can be maxed at any time after it is obtained by standing in one spot spamming "hide" A LOT and sleeping when one runs out of mana. Using int boosting equipment will make this go faster. There is also a theory that trying to hide in front of higher level mobs and especially high level players increases the chance of a skill gain. Regardless the chance is low, and you will need to spam "hide" several thousand times to max it, depending on your int. Still, many rogues choose to max this before level 11 rather than risk being seen.

It should be noted that a significant number of mobs have the ability to detect hidden, which allows them to find and attack you while tracking (ie, you have attacked and fled, and they are chasing). The ability for mobs to detect you is applied differently than that of detect invis or camouflage, so just because a mob does not see the others, does not mean you will be protected by hide (and vice versa).

Primary Attribute: Wisdom

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