Type: Utility Skill
Range: Room
Cost: None
Lag: 2 rounds
Duration: 6 hours

Syntax: inscribe <mystical figure> <reagent>

Both void scholars and void templars gain this skill. All void scholars and void templars are learned in the creation of the Pentagram of Summoning, Circle of Protection, and Trigon of Binding. Using the study command, a void scholar may expand his knowledge of void symbols, while void templars cannot. After completing an inscription, a character must wait 2 hours before she may do so again.

This skill requires a reagent, or special material, to use. Common reagents may be purchased from Shaviiran in the Void tower in Var Bandor or Calirin in the Conclave of the Aklaju in Earendam. Purchasing a reagent from either of these guildmasters will give the templar or scholar a small leather pouch containing three uses of the given material. Most reagents must be stored in this exact pouch to be used in conjunction with inscribe.

More common inscriptions remain in the room even after they are used, while symbols used to summon specific demons are consumed at the completion of the spell. Fighting in the same room as a symbol has a high likelihood of destroying it. A symbol may be willfully removed with the erase command.

For an overview of summoning demons, read this. This article gives an overview of performing a binding ritual.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence

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