Type: Robbery Skill
Range: Target Character
Cost: None
Lag: 2 Rounds
Duration: Instantaneous

Syntax: loot <object> <person>

Loot is used by thieves and bandits to steal an object currently equipped by an unconscious victim. Bandits are more proficient than thieves at this skill. Usage of this skill will always wake the victim, success or failure, dealing a small amount of damage. It is not possible to loot an item that is flagged as inventory or noremove.

Supposedly, large armor pieces like chest armor are harder to loot, while smaller things like rings are easy to take. Note that even though it isn't explicitly mentioned in the help file, weapons can be looted and are in fact one of the easiest things to take.


It may be possible to loot items which are flagged nodrop, if no other flag which prevents theft is present.

Primary Attribute: Dexterity

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