Type: Damage Boosting Skill
Range: Self
Cost: None
Lag: None
Duration: Instantaneous

Syntax: automatic

Precision is very much like the assassin skill, exploit. However, precision is limited only to the use of arrows. If an opponent is not wearing equipment on their arms, legs, head, or torso, there is a high chance that precision will strike this vulnerable spot. At hero, the damage of the arrow is multiplied by 5 against PCs and by 3 against mobiles.

Primary Attribute: Dexterity


Several of the below bugs should be fixed, but there might still linger some

Precision can improve by failure multiple times on a single shot, and frequently does. This can range from 1 to 4 improvements at a time, based on both chance and how many of the potential exploitable slots are uncovered. This is not possible to avoid.

This skill can also trigger on a missed archery shot that hits the wrong target. Somehow, even though the AT isn't skilled enough to hit the right guy, he still manages to precisely headshot him. This can instant kill a very unlucky groupmate.

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