Syntax: Prepare <Number of Vials of Catalyst> <Type of poison>

This skill allows you to craft poisons for use with taint and craft dart. Oddly, you get it well before you get either of those abilities. To my knowledge, the skill is useless on its on.

To make poisons, you need to buy vials of catalyst from the assassin guild trainer in Var Bandor. They cost about 3.5 gold each. The more catalyst you use when you make a potion, the longer the created dart will last or food will remain tainted. It is unknown if using more catalyst increases the chance of success or the effect of the poisons.

Available poison types include:

Sleep: Put Victim to Sleep. A versatile skill, one can use it to disable an enemy groupmate and shift the odds in your favor, sleep a target hiding by guards so they can be dispatched separately, or just to get the stronger opening hit on a sleeping opponent.

Death: Attempts to Kill Victim. This almost never actually instant kills the target. The chance of success has been estimate at anywhere between 1 in 100 to 1 in 1000. Many assassins who use this skill regularly will never see it instant kill in their lifetime. A failed death dart will give the person a weak poison affect, but you have better options.

Pain: Causes Pain when motion is attempted. This gives a chance to lag on all actions. Also gives a significant strength penalty (-5, reportedly). A very strong dart, highly recommended.

Trembling: Causes victim to shake and drop items. Both items in the inventory and equipped can fall to the ground. It's a little more luck based than pain or sleep darts, but the foe could drop their weapon, key pieces of armor that block exploit, or important inventory items like their potion bag.

Delusions: Causes victim to be tormented by delusions.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence

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