Type: Attack Skill
Range: Target Character
Cost: None
Lag: 2 Rounds
Duration: ???

Syntax: Pummel <Victim>

Aside from doing considerable damage, this bandit skill also has a stacking debuff that functions like vital strike. When using the skill, there is a 50% chance that four applications of pummel will cause them to pass out as if waylayed; at five successful applications, there is a 100% chance that the target will immediately pass out. This is the only skill available to players that can knock out a target that is engaged in combat. This skill is deadly when combined with steal, bind, gag, and loot. It allows a bandit to knock someone out even if their waylay fails.

Once obtained, this skill allows a bandit to obtain items and weapons from mobiles they can't possibly kill. Pummel the opponent down, then steal or loot whatever you need and run. Also, make sure to blind the foe with bind. If you didn't loot his weapon, you can still just disarm it and grab it off the ground. This same strategy can be employed to rob stronger players as well, especially since a bound foe is unlikely to be able to chase you.


There is a small bug with the skill; upon use, it only checks the weapon you are using if you are dual wielding weapons. If you are not dual wielding weapons, it automatically defaults to unarmed damage. It is impossible to pummel with anything but a mace in your off hand. When pummeling with a mace, however, the skill checks the mace's damage dice and deals damage accordingly; therefore, the highest damage capability using pummel is achieved when using a weapon of any kind in your main hand and a high-damage mace in your off-hand.

Primary Attributes: Strength, Dexterity

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