Type: Utility Skill
Range: Target PC
Cost: None
Lag: 1 round
Duration: Instantaneous

Syntax: rescue <target>

Rescue is a combat-control skill learned by several warrior and templar classes. It has two primary effects: the first is to remove the target of the skill from combat, and the second is to place the user of the skill as the target of the opposing combatant. This is an important distinction, as this means that if all the user intends is to become the tank of the fight, it does not matter who they rescue. However, many classes, such as water scholars, have abilities that cannot be used while they are engaged in combat, and rescuing a person will remove them from the fight regardless of whether they are being attacked or not. The advent of autoattack has largely made this redundant, but it still serves this purpose.

A character must have autoassist off in order to be removed from combat for more than one round, if they are grouped with the rescuer.

A successful rescue may not always work, if the rescue is attempted in a fight with multiple combatants on either side. Despite stating that you have rescued that person, they may still be engaged with another target. Careful reading of your combat messages is advised in this situation.

Primary attribute: Charisma

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