Type: Utility Skill
Range: Self
Cost: None
Lag: 2 rounds
Duration: Instantaneous

Syntax: retreat

A combatant may use this skill to remove himself from combat if he currently is not the subject of an attack (i.e., is not the tank). Classes without the skill may still attempt to retreat with less success. When you are fighting as part of a group, one would also have to toggle the autoassist command, to avoid being immediately drawn back into combat.

Primary Attributes: Dexterity, Constitution

This skill is now redundant, as its function can be mimicked by using the autoattack command, which never fails, no matter what class uses it. Practicing this skill is currently not useful to do. The only situation this skill could be useful is to get extra first-round attacks at a quicker pace than autoattack (though this skill's lag should be considered), similar to having someone rescue you constantly. As such, this is rarely practical and is likely to annoy your groupmates.

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