Shadow Mastery
Type: Concealment Skill
Range: Self
Cost: 20 Mana + 10 mana/tick
Lag: 1 Round
Duration: Level/4 Hours

Syntax: shadow

A thief may use this skill to hide from all forms of detection. While so hidden, almost all commands are restricted; most will both lag him and break the effects of shadow mastery. It is not possible to initiate combat while under shadow mastery; all attempts will automatically fail. Because it is not possible to act while affected by this skill, the thief will not void out due to inactivity. Even if he would ordinarily have a positive mana regeneration despite the upkeep cost of the skill, the thief will see no such gain.

As with hide, it is not possible to enter shadow mastery if one is affected by ethereal flame, faerie fog, or reveal, if the room is affected by ethereal blaze, or while bleeding.

Primary Attributes: Intelligence, Wisdom

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