Type: Melee Weapon Skill
Range: Self
Cost: None
Lag: None
Duration: Instantaneous

Syntax: automatic

Spears, as a category, include both traditional long, two-handed spears and light, one-handed javelins. This weapon type frequently deals piercing damage and other damage types are quite rare. Two-handed spears are more effective at parrying than their one-handed brethren, but the allowance of wielding an offhand weapon or wear a shield makes javelins significantly more popular. However, one-handed spear are also more rare, and the best ones are highly sought after and competed over.

Because spears parry more successfully than virtually all other weapons, they are often the primary weapon of fighters, rangers, templars without forms, and other classes attempting to tank.

Unlike some two-handed weapons, two-handed spears can not be held in a single hand by large sized races.

Primary Attributes: Strength, Dexterity

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