Type: Robbery Skill
Range: Target Character
Cost: None
Lag: 2 rounds
Duration: Instantaneous

Syntax: steal coins <target> or steal <object> <target>

Usable by thieves and bandits, this skill attempts to remove either a small amount of coins or one item from the inventory of a target PC or mobile. If successful, the item or money moves to the stealing character's inventory and the target receives no echo. Should the steal attempt fail, the target will notice, potentially yell, and attack if they are able. A character's ability to evade being stolen from is primarily based on her Dexterity score.

Steal synergizes well with hide and camouflage, as being concealed from the target increases the chance of successful thievery. Hidden characters have a chance of being revealed even on success, while camouflaged characters do not. Waylay and pummel are also effective in conjunction with steal, as sleeping characters are more easily stolen from, and a failed attempt will not wake the target anyway. The trait streetwise will also boost steal's success rate. The skill peek can be used to see items that can be stolen from a target. It is not possible to steal an object flagged inventory or nodrop.

Primary Attribute: Dexterity

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