Syntax: Tan corpse <armor type>

Rangers and Barbarians can create clothing from all kind of corpses (not just those of animals). Clothing quality depends on the level of the ranger, as well as the level of the corpse. Rangers and Barbarians can craft all armor, but rings from their corpses. Be wary: tanned gear crumbles upon death!

Tanned armor characteristics. Tans take some of the characteristics of the tanned animal/humanoid with them. For example, Alatharya, Chaja and Kankorans-based tans give +stats (con, str, dex) next to hp, hit and damagepoints. Some more intelligent races can provide +mana, although +int or +wis stats appear to be rarer or non-existent. Explore the different races and animals of Avendar!

Primary Attributes: Intelligence, Dexterity

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