Unseen Strike
Type: Attack Ability
Range: Single PC or MOB
Slots: None
Upkeep: None
Lag: Instant

Syntax: Unseenstrike <target>
Ignite <arrow>

While hidden, cloaked, or otherwise concealed from their target, an assassin
may attempt to attack them while they are unprepared to defend themselves.
This attack will deal substantially more damage than a normal attack, so long
as the victim is relatively uninjured; if they are significantly hurt, its
bonus damage will be massively reduced. In addition, should the target be at
full health, if they are lacking armor to protect major portions of their
body, this attack will deal even more damage than it would otherwise by
exploiting their vulnerability.

They might also use this skill to ignite arrows; these will set their targets
on fire when used. This has a nominal mana cost.

Primary Attribute: Dexterity

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