Type: Attack Skill Skill
Range: Target Character
Cost: None
Lag: 2 rounds
Duration: 1-1.5 hours

Syntax: waylay <target>

This skill is used by thieves and bandits to knock a target out, forcing them to sleep. A sleeping character is much more susceptible to attack or theft, and leaves them unable to retaliate against any ability which does not initiate combat. This includes most maledictory skills and spells, as well as the bind and gag skills. Incurring any sort of damage will wake a character; the most common benign means of doing so are poison and wings of flame. A character who is being assaulted by skills or spells while asleep will still yell involuntarily; this is often the only way the afflicted character may know something is being attempted.

If the target is able to see the person attempting this skill, he is granted a 50% bonus to evade this attack.

Primary Attribute: Strength

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