Type: Combat Skill
Range: 1 Room
Cost: None
Lag: 1 Round?
Duration: Instant

Syntax: Withdraw <direction>

A staple of the fighter class, consider this skill an improved flee. This invaluable skill allows the fighter to flee in the direction of their choice, AND their entire group flees with them. Few single abilities compare to the value of this skill when a group is venturing into difficult areas, fighting bosses in dangerous zones, or raiding enemy house's vaults. Having this skill means the group can flee together and simultaneously, as opposed to fleeing one at a time in all random directions.

The fighter does not need to be group leader for this skill to work, not does he need to be tanking. Withdraw will instantly bring all players in the fighters parties along with the retreat as long as they are standing and able to move, regardless of if they are in combat or currently lagged.

Some groups will even bring a low level fighter along for dangerous battles just so they can withdraw the group when needed.

Primary Attribute: Dexterity

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