Song Of Salyra

Syntax: Play 'Song of Salyra'

Named after the legendary first archmage of water Salyra, this song
tells of her greatest feats of healing. Captured in the magic of
this music is some portion of the archmage's healing power, and those
who hear the music will benefit greatly from it.

Instrument: Strings

Duration: Discretion of performer

Primary Attributes: Wisdom, Charisma

"The Song of Salyra" is essentially a more powerful "Touch of the Seas", restoring a greater amount of HP every bard tick. It requires a stringed instrument to play, however, so it is a bit less versatile. It lasts as long as the bard has the mana to sustain it.

This song works very well in conjunction with either "Touch of the Seas" or "The Forgotten Fugue". It is usually best played when a group is resting.

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