The Day Of Two Dawns

Syntax: Play 'The Day of Two Dawns'

A poem first composed by the legendary ch'taren bard Sy'kanse bore
this title, and this song sets those words to music. The poem
celebrates the Day of Two Dawns, when the ch'taren first arrived
on the surface of Avendar. Bards who sing this song are protected
by an aura of light, which may blind or stun those who strike at them.

Instrument: Woodwind

Duration: Discretion of performer

Primary Attribute: Charisma

33% of the time while in combat and playing this song, this will echo "(enemy) has been stunned by your aura of light!" (check this). The enemy affected by this loses all attacks for that round and is lagged for one round. This only occurs if the bard is the one considered as 'fighting' the enemy (ie, a look in the room shows "(enemy) is fighting (bard)")

This is a flat percentage chance; it is unaffected by the player's stats, levels, or skill percentage.

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