The Lay Of Lilisa

Syntax: Play 'The Lay of Lilisa'

This lay, or epic poem, tells a portion of the dark and tragic tale
of Lilisa. A daughter of one of Var Bandor's wealthiest merchant
family, Lilisa was ensnared by the lures of the god Serachel, and
trapped in the realm of dreams. In the end, she took her own life,
only to serve as an unwitting hold the dark god had on the heroic
assassin Sydonus. The Lord of the Damned used Lilisa to manipulate
Sydonus into dooming both of them to a dark immortality as guardians
of the Coven of the Shunned. So horrific is the magic and power
inherent in this song that all those who listen are subject to an
unnatural fear, which may cause even the staunchest warrior to
flee from combat.

Instrument: Woodwind, Brass

Duration: Discretion of performer

Primary Attribute: Charisma

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