The Lone Defender

Syntax: Play 'The Lone Defender'

The song of the lone defender is a tale of an ancient soldier,
who comes out of retirement to defend his village from a
barbarian raiding party. Standing alone, he holds a mountain
pass long enough for his people to escape, defeating the
enemy's chieftain before being felled himself. Those allied with
a bard who sing this song are inspired by its heroic nature,
and defend themselves with similar valor.

Instrument: Strings

Duration: Discretion of performer

Primary Attribute: Charisma

"The Lone Defender" requires the use of a stringed instrument such as a violin, lute, or lyre. It reduces all damage taken by the bard's group by 33%, and stacks with similar spells and skills such as sanctuary, but at a reduced affect (as per the change made in 'help recent').

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